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Highscores : Game rankings - Aztec Invaders 6 S.E.

Scores in system: 43 Scores today: 2

Active Players:

13 Total spins: Total dollar win: $12,278,076,020.00


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Rank Player Country Team Date/Time Spins Dollar Win

Most recently entered scores for Aztec Invaders 6 S.E.:

Player Country Team Date/Time Spins Rank Dollar Win
KayzyAustraliaNone23.05.15 00:03:26245,19119$39,056,150.00
KayzyAustraliaNone22.05.15 23:59:20244,17127$5,204,200.00
Michael@ton !!!AustraliaMaddo22.05.15 04:29:08100,0006$1,131,080,300.00
KayzyAustraliaNone21.05.15 22:58:46244,10028$1,548,070.00
Maureen AU3AustraliaMaddo20.05.15 17:29:444,305,5188$454,109,600.00
TitchAUNone20.05.15 15:15:2915,36329$559,100.00
TitchAUNone20.05.15 14:59:0715,25430$478,360.00
TitchAUNone20.05.15 14:49:1615,18930$224,020.00
Maureen AU3AustraliaMaddo20.05.15 13:49:234,254,42210$369,080,250.00
Maureen AU3AustraliaMaddo20.05.15 13:46:284,253,73611$205,639,700.00

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