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Highscores : Game rankings - Pirates Gold 5

Scores in system: 37 Scores today: 2

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11 Total spins: Total dollar win: $1,121,578,900.00


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Rank Player Country Team Date/Time Spins Dollar Win

Most recently entered scores for Pirates Gold 5:

Player Country Team Date/Time Spins Rank Dollar Win
WillemNetherlandsGolden Lion27.05.15 23:23:232,694,5277$65,304,750.00
WillemNetherlandsGolden Lion27.05.15 18:32:152,633,5587$60,253,900.00
Vincent 2NetherlandsGolden Lion27.05.15 00:43:443,870,3364$104,636,875.00
KayzyAustraliaNone26.05.15 16:54:39412,61812$15,770,300.00
Vincent 2NetherlandsGolden Lion26.05.15 13:09:383,868,1555$67,398,100.00
Vincent 2NetherlandsGolden Lion26.05.15 12:46:063,862,8588$46,115,300.00
Maureen AU3AustraliaMaddo25.05.15 08:08:105,747,4844$84,442,400.00
Vincent 2NetherlandsGolden Lion25.05.15 02:05:003,770,3217$29,657,250.00
The SultanAustraliaHare's Harem24.05.15 21:18:2554,0146$48,575,450.00
BlondieNetherlandsGolden Lion24.05.15 15:57:17457,9772$122,178,175.00

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